This past week M has been hanging fans and connecting all the electrical receptacles (light switches/outlets). I put in the trim pieces for the can lights, hung a few sconces and a cute chandelier over our front door. M strongly dislikes the chandelier, he hasn’t flat out said he doesn’t like it, but I can Read More →


Since the drywall finished we have been moving really fast at finishing everything up. The last two weeks we got the house scratched and browned and all that is left is to put the last coat: color. Then M and I will put the siding and trim on the front, paint and be *eeek* done! Read More →


This was probably one of the easiest DIY crafts I have¬†ever done. M can attest to that – since he’s had to deal with me sewing ruffles for two months straight when I was making the girls duvets. This craft took me MAYBE an hour cumulatively if you don’t count drying time/shopping time. I can’t Read More →


Remember when I said M and I both grew up with dad’s in the construction trade? Well, M’s dad is a General Contractor and he surprised us with all the drywall loaded into our house one day. That was a great day because I did not want to help M load 250 sheets of drywall Read More →


The most important part of installing insulation is prepping yourself. Wear goggles, a mask, gloves, hair cover (I wore something like a shower cap, sexy I know – I’m not into selfie’s so you’ll just have to take my word on this), long sleeves (that tuck under gloves), long pants (that tuck into husbands socks), Read More →

scott rohland

When the inspector comes and pulls out a micrometer to your work things are not going to go smoothly. With that said, we finally passed combo inspection. I don’t want to talk about everything it took to get us passed yesterday. I want to talk about the one thing I woke up to yesterday morning Read More →


It’s been over a month since I’ve posted an update. Some people have been asking if we’ve either given up and decided to become trailer trash for life or if we’re all moved in to the house again. Maybe in two more days. At least that is what I tell myself everysingleday. The truth of Read More →


This month started with a bang…really. A huge bang to my head or ego or whatever. I’m 30. Yay. The last couple of weeks we have been working on the house, shopping for Christmas and trying to squeeze in a little family time. And Elfie time Can you believe this is our neighborhood? And you Read More →


M likes to work a lot like a computer processor. He works on one task then goes to another before completing the first, then another before completing the second, maybe a fourth before completing the third, then eventually makes his way back to the first one, works a little bit on it then goes to Read More →


On November 5th we passed pre-wrap and that night M and I boarded a plane to the Dominican Republic. For an entire week neither of us thought about our house. It was heaven. Well, mostly. Funny thing is, even when we are on vacation we can’t escape a diy project. That’s M fishing my wedding Read More →