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    What I’ve been up to

    The last four months I've spent more time in my pj's than any other time in my life. I'm totally okay with that. Having twins isn't exactly any more difficult than having one baby at a time. It does have a few issues like: how do I feed two babies at one time? How do I hold two crying babies (still haven't mastered this one)? How do I survive when Mike is at work for a few days in a row (see note above about staying in my pj's).

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    DIY Stair runner – Everything you need to know

    First though, why a stair runner? We made our treads out of pine. Pine is a soft wood and scratches very easily. It is also 1/3 the cost of oak. With our addition I made sure to squeeze every penny dry. I was extremely logical about every decision because if I let my emotions take over and not logic we would not have done our addition for $70 per s.f. That's right. $70 per s.f.

  • Crafts and DIY Tutorials

    DIY Alcove Bed

    The red rectangle area is where Red's alcove bed is built. We had to wait until after we finaled with construction in order to build it...some rule about a room's definition = 7' clear space in any direction and 100 s.f. of floor space. The alcove bed would cause one dimension to be 5' across. It didn't matter that a bed would go there built in or not. I guess they thought after we built the alcove we would try and put a bed somewhere else in the room? Who knows.