DIY Inground Pool Rough Plumbing and Electrical

Originally, to save money, Mike had planned on doing the rough plumbing and electrical himself. However, on a whim Mike called a plumber who had done our friends pool just to find out how much he would charge to do the job. He gave Mike and offer he couldn’t refuse. I was a little relieved because Mike still needed to finish our yard drains and we were really hoping to get the shell done before we got any more rain. The plumber worked quickly and was very clean. You can see how well he planned out his runs and everything. We have three bubblers in the baja shelf and he plumbed each one on a separate line rather than one long run. This will allows us to taper each bubbler individually so that they can all be the same height. He also plumbed the spa jets so that they won’t need a blower – this was big for us. Our pool equipment is close to the spa and we are already looking for ways to keep the sound down. Mike still plans on doing the finish plumbing and electrical, but this was a big time saver and we came in under budget.

See how nice and clean each runs is? Plus, he put in Jandy valves, which make fixing a problem later a lot easier as you don’t have to cut them out. He also plumbed everything higher off of the ground so that we could work on it without braking our backs later on. Mike seemed really impressed with his work ethic and knowledge and I think he’s pretty pumped that he decided to have him do the roughing in.


Digging a pool between rainstorms

Our pool dig has a theme dig, pump out rain water then dig some more. The hole is finally dug despite looking like a mud pit for awhile.

At some point, right around here, I started thinking maybe it would be best to plan a mud wrestling competition to help offset the cost of the pool. I had it all lined up with an announcer, someone to sing the national anthem, live streaming with the GoPro, referee costumes and whistles. I guess it must have been a slow day at work because everyone wanted to help plan the party. But when I got home Mike had pumped all the water out and my mud pit was ready to get a little deeper.

Bummer. No mud wrestling event. Over the next three days the pool was dug. Through it our dump truck got stuck three times at the dump site and took 2 hours to get it out each time. Maybe we were stupid for trying to dig between rain storms. Maybe we would have been smart to capitalize on it a little and build some epic memories (mud pit wrestling)…but the hole is dug. The end.

The rebar began just as the dig was ending.