About our project

Built in 1982, this house is far from modern, in fact, if you’ve ever seen pictures from the 80’s you can tell why some people (possibly just me so don’t hate) categorize it as one of the worst times for design. Art deco ring a bell (gag me that this is a revival right now)?…I doubt very little will be put into art history books for people to oooo and ahhhh over in the future from things made in the 80s. (Aside from Mike because he was made in the 80’s…*wink wink* – what can I say? I love him). But I digress… more on the house. Instead of closet space, it has pot shelves, unusable pot shelves, in the master bedroom. Grandma’s may love their fake plants up on their pot shelves…I’m not a grandma so I hate these pot shelves. Every time I cram a shirt into our tiny, shared closet I curse the pot shelves. It also had popcorn ceilings (which we removed), linoleum (mostly gone), and single pane windows (all been replaced with double pane, low-e vinyl somewhere along the way).

Mike and I are pretty handy/creative people and are usually called in to help with any shelf building/painting/addition/reno type projects with our friends. Both of us grew up in the construction trade, and although neither one of us currently work in it, we both have backgrounds working on construction projects. I’m one of those over achieving weirdos with a double bachelors in Graphic Communication (i.e. print and design) and Nursing (so different right? Go figure). We are hoping this blog serves as a way for us to catalog our entire process of building our second story addition, while helping pave the way for other crazy diy’s. Or, to just let our friends and family know why they don’t get to see us anymore.

We are two overly optimistic, energetic, fun loving, social diy’s. We finished our second story addition in the winter of 2014. We did our entire remodel for around $70/s.f. and most of the work we did ourselves. I’m so glad that we took the project on because it challenged us in every dimension possible. Mike and I became closer as a couple and we learned a whole lot about ourselves, each other and what we are capable of – both mentally and physically. We now spend our days tackling smaller projects, helping out our friends on their projects and raising our four children. We hope you continue to check in on us and see what we’re up to and just maybe we can help you out with whatever project your hoping to dive in to.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon!

♡ Joannie