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    The Old Oak Console Table Plans

    You guys! This is gorgeous. It’s probably one of my favorite builds so far. It goes together really quickly – longest part was adding the corbels. This table will go great in traditional, transitional and even modern decor. I just love it, can’t you tell? Please check it out, build it yourself then tell me all about it. Here’s the plan: The Old Oak Console table If you’re looking for the Restoration Hardware weathered oak finish tutorial it’s right here.

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    10 Painting tips I’ve never read anywhere else.

    1. As much as you can, choose eggshell for walls – it looks great and most sample pints are made in that sheen so if you need a small touch up you only have to buy the sample version instead of a quart. 2. When choosing paint you’re going to be buying a bunch of sample paint pints. When you finally land on your favorite color, box it in with the gallon (or two or three) of the same paint you just purchased. Then after well mixed, pour some back into the sample pint container – now you have touch up paint in a perfectly matched shade. 3. To make…

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    Billy Hack – Wall of Billy

    Because everyone has done one. Ikea has a few timeless products that get hacked over and over and I hope they never phase them out. One of which was Tarva – those are gone but another is the Billy. It seems that every diy site has a Billy hack somewhere and ours isn’t anything special – except that it’s ours. I had been planning a wall of Billy since the design of our master bedroom. Sure, I could have built my own bookshelves from scratch – and I’ve done that when the dimensions didn’t fit something Ikea had that I could hack. But I chose Billy for this because the…