We’ve Moved To Horsetown USA!

Family & Life

We moved to Horsetown, USA! Well, that about says it all. We joke and Mike tells people it’s because I ran out of diy projects and I say it’s because Mike wants to be a cowboy and own a horse. And that’s kinda true so if you like you can stop here and just move […]

May 13, 2018

What I’ve been up to

Family & Life

The last four months I’ve spent more time in my pj’s than any other time in my life. I’m totally okay with that. Having twins isn’t exactly any more difficult than having one baby at a time. It does have a few issues like: how do I feed two babies at one time? How do I hold two crying babies (still haven’t mastered this one)? How do I survive when Mike is at work for a few days in a row (see note above about staying in my pj’s).

August 30, 2015

Throw Back Thursday!

Family & Life

This was our house the day Mike moved in: This is our house on the first day of demo: The day the roof came off completely: Before we put the beam in and planked the ceiling: Good, old trailer living days:

July 3, 2014