DIY Toy Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Jack’s bathroom has been sitting around 95% done. 95 is the new 100% right? Where are my 95’ers at? Anyhow, he’s needed a toilet roll paper holder…should be easy right? They sell them everywhere. Shoot, even CVS has toilet roll paper holders. But, you guys, I was sooooo not feeling like any ordinary toilet roll paper will work for this room. It’s playful, fun, bold and all boy. He doesn’t have to share it with any of his three sisters. Look at how cute it is:

Also, I’ve painted and finished the trim in this room since this picture was taken…sorry for the old photo, priorities…

Before each Christmas rolls around I go through a toy purge and throw away/give away toys that are either missing pieces, broken or no longer played with. These two pieces were also on the chopping block when inspiration struck. I mean come on! They are a bolt and a washer!!! Right?! Super cute as repurposed drawer pulls or as a toilet paper holder. Do you see it too? I wish I hadn’t thrown the other ones away, I could have used them as the towel holders!!!! OMG so many exclamation  marks!!!

All I needed was to trim off the excess on the bolt

Pre-drill a hole for  my screw in the bolt and in the side of the vanity

Then I had to find something to hang the roll on from the bolt. I used a sprinkler riser and some twine. Eventually, I would like to use a copper pipe a little longer than the sprinkler riser I used so that the roll isn’t pinched. But, this was free and I had it on hand.

Last I hung it from the bolt. So easy, so bold, so boy, so cute, so many so’s.

Tell, me, do you love creating special things for your kids? Do you also go through the old toys before Christmas and a million new toys show up from overly loving family members? Have you repurposed any old toys? Tell me all about it!

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