Fall 2021 One Room Challenge Reveal

We still need a week or two to finish up the bathroom. The reveal is supposed to be today but life happened. I’ll update this post with the real reveal photos but in the meantime I’ll let you know how close we are to finishing.

For the shower we still need to put the quartz shelf in and the window quartz casing as well as the quartz front on the shower curb. Basically a day’s worth of work on quartz stuff – this also includes the sink ledge we need to make from the quartz. For anyone interested in knowing where we sourced our quartz: facebook marketplace. We bought someone’s remnant backsplash and countertop pieces from their kitchen remodel for $100. Mike and I installed the countertops when we renovated cuzin ed (our rv), as well as in our laundry room, and in our dining room, so we’ve become pretty comfortable with cutting quartz.

Towel hooks are in.

Trim work: I still need to add crown moulding on the door and arch casings, as well as on the oak linen cabinet…I also need to stain the oak cabinet. I have two 22″ baseboards I need to tack in place and then fill holes, caulk and paint the new additional trim (I already caulked and painted the bulk of it).

Two of the three sinks got installed so far

For the sinks, Mike has one more sink to install. He installed two, went to install the third and it was cracked in multiple spots straight out of the box. So back to the store it went and luckily they had one in stock that wasn’t cracked (did I tell you that when I bought these sinks 6 months ago they were the last three in stock in all of Southern California? I was worried there wouldn’t be another one, but it just so happened that one of the Lowe’s near us had two in stock, they weren’t anywhere else within 100 miles though). Mike has been at work and will install it when he gets home.

Hang artwork.

Build the mirrors and install them. Those mirrors though. I’m about halfway through building them, I’ve got the rough frames done…hopefully the rest of the build goes smoothly so they install quickly.

It’s been pretty nice to have another toilet for the kids to use.

Electrical wise Mike just needs to install the electrical receptacles in the medicine cabinets.

Wallpaper: I need to wallpaper three more switch plates…I’ve done one.

And that’s it. Then we will be done.

I know when written out it may seem like a lot but it really isn’t. If we had really pushed harder we may be done today but I’d rather be where we are at and not have stressed about it. I love the deadlines and structure of the ORC, but it’s more important for me to enjoy the process then be consumed by it. Hope you come back and check out our final reveal. Also, I’m planning on adding a wallpaper tutorial post in a couple of days and if you’re planning any wallpaper installs soon I’ll have a ton of helpful tips to get you started 🙂

Thank’s for following along on my Fall 2021 ORC progress. Follow along with the others here. And check out the featured designer’s progress here


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