• Family & Life

    We’ve Moved To Horsetown USA!

    We moved to Horsetown, USA! Well, that about says it all. We joke and Mike tells people it’s because I ran out of diy projects and I say it’s because Mike wants to be a cowboy and own a horse. And that’s kinda true so if you like you can stop here and just move a long or you can keep reading if you’re really curious why. We moved in November of 2017. So, a few months ago and it’s taken me this long to post a blog. I’ve really struggled to write an update because I want to be completely transparent with all my posts. I’m a pretty transparent…

  • Phase 7: DIY Pool & Spa

    Poured in place concrete countertop

    Mike built the forms and poured the concrete himself. He mixed it in our 2-bag mixer while the twins were sleeping and I was chauffeuring our older two girls around. At one point the dog got loose and did a number on the forms and concrete and now we have a few waves. I also spent a few hours grinding quite a bit of it smooth…The rebar in the slab is solid though 😉

  • Phase 7: DIY Pool & Spa

    Sunken Bar concrete slab

    Here’s some pics of us leveling the area with sand and then putting in the rebar for the concrete slab before we poured the concrete. We also put dobie’s down under the rebar but I didn’t take any pictures. As you can see we didn’t really have to build forms for this because the walls were our “forms” we only had to stake a 2×4 across the opening. That piece of wood is where the stairs will start. We picked up a trailer of concrete. That’s a yard of concrete that comes in a miniature mixer that you attach to your trailer hitch and haul away yourself. They’re kinda cute.…

  • Phase 7: DIY Pool & Spa

    Inspiration from Taking a Break

    Have you ever noticed that when you’re relaxed and and not working or thinking on a project you will magically come up with the answer to something that was concerning you? As a project pusher it’s a hard pill for me to swallow that at times we have to stop, take a break and relax in order to be inspired. Usually, I hate stopping when I’m in the middle of a project. I just want to charge right through and get it done. I’ve learned throughout a lot of our diy’s that it’s important to not only enjoy the process that happens during a project but also to take a…