Digging a pool between rainstorms

Our pool dig has a theme dig, pump out rain water then dig some more. The hole is finally dug despite looking like a mud pit for awhile.

At some point, right around here, I started thinking maybe it would be best to plan a mud wrestling competition to help offset the cost of the pool. I had it all lined up with an announcer, someone to sing the national anthem, live streaming with the GoPro, referee costumes and whistles. I guess it must have been a slow day at work because everyone wanted to help plan the party. But when I got home Mike had pumped all the water out and my mud pit was ready to get a little deeper.

Bummer. No mud wrestling event. Over the next three days the pool was dug. Through it our dump truck got stuck three times at the dump site and took 2 hours to get it out each time. Maybe we were stupid for trying to dig between rain storms. Maybe we would have been smart to capitalize on it a little and build some epic memories (mud pit wrestling)…but the hole is dug. The end.

The rebar began just as the dig was ending.

DIY pool update

Because of the rain we’ve worked on the pool for maybe three days total of real physical labor. The rest of the work has been behind the scenes planning lights, getting bids, pricing materials and equipment. In the process I think we’ve been able to hone in on what we do and don’t like but are still very open to suggestions from people who have been through this before. Mike made a time lapse video of the digging we’ve done so far and there is a little surprise in there: Mike decided he wanted to do the digging so enjoy the video I like to call, “The little bobcat that could” and be ready to see some cameo appearances from all members of our family including me with a shovel….

Pool dig video part 1, “The little bobcat that could”

Here is some chicken scratch of our lighting plan so far:

The lights we plan on using are called Hayward Colorlogic lights. They look like this:

We will be able to control them from an app on our phone or remote and they are led. Instead of two large pool lights we are doing a variety of different smaller lights. This made more sense to us since we have quite a few different seating areas and it’s ideal to place lights behind the seating area rather than shining at it. Unless you like when lights get shined directly into your face….

As I understand it, two 320’s = one standard pool light in terms of lumens and four 160’s = one standard pool light and eight 80’s = one standard pool light. And one standard pool light = very stark and blinding light that no one really wants to look into. So being able to cut that up and distribute it around the pool makes my “design eye” happy. 😍

DIY Our Own Pool. Cuz we’re crazy like that.

A couple of days ago Mike and I became the proud owners of another flashy, yellow check off card and a big white permit sign! We are now starting the process of building our own pool. This time with maybe just a little less hands on. Mike really wanted to dig the hole himself…but when he told me he thought it would take 2 months just to dig the hole I was pretty excited when he started getting bids for someone else to do it. Here’s our plan (yes I drew it):screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-6-34-37-pm

I know right now it doesn’t look like much but let me tell you it’s the furthest we’ve come so far to getting the pool we’ve been dreaming of for the last three years since we finaled on the second story addition and moved the front wall. There’s going to be a baja step for lounging, a sports area for playing, a deep end for jumping, a spa for relaxing and a swim up bar for drinking. There’s also going to be a great water feature coming out of the covered swim up bar and falling into the pool walling off the people on the stools from the mayhem in the pool – should they want to be secluded.

We may or may not do the rebar ourselves (you remember this pic from when we did the rebar for our second story addition?)…we will definitely be doing the plumbing, electrical, retaining wall, tile and landscaping ourselves. That leaves digging, gunite, plaster, and decking for the birds. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me! We are also weighing in on what people think about pebble sheen vs mini stone vs aqua bright.

Here are a few pics of the area we are building the pool in:img_5281 img_5282image1

And just because I’m nice here’s a recent pic of the front of the house.

And just for more fun a throwback to the day Mike bought it:
escrow pic hambels