DIY Alcove Bed

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The red rectangle area is where Red’s alcove bed is built. We had to wait until after we finaled with construction in order to build it…some rule about a room’s definition = 7′ clear space in any direction and 100 s.f. of floor space. The alcove bed would cause one dimension to be 5′ across. It didn’t matter that a bed would go there built in or not. I guess they thought after we built the alcove we would try and put a bed somewhere else in the room? Who knows.

August 4, 2015

Free Nursery Graphics

Crafts and DIY Tutorials

These are just a few of the graphics I made for the twin’s nursery. I thought I’d share them! Just click on the thumbnails and the they will open in another window. Right click and save the image. Print them on photo paper. Please only for personal use and never for profit…Remember, this is my […]

July 28, 2015

DIY Pinwheel Nursery Dreamcatcher Mobile

Crafts and DIY Tutorials

I’m part Native American and Mike is Irish/Dutch. For the twin’s nursery I wanted to make something that brought two of our backgrounds together. That is where the inspiration for creating the Pinwheel Dreamcatcher Mobile for our nursery came from. I guess when I’m pregnant I get a “little” sentimental….or something. What you will need: […]

July 27, 2015