In lieu of my weekly round up I thought it fitting to share 10 tools I would want to receive for Mother’s Day that are under $15. I hate how much holidays are about consumerism. I actually love getting handmade cards and yard picked flowers. However, sometimes something thoughtful but inexpensive can go a long way to making your mom (or lady) feel valued. So, here are the ten best gifts, in my opinion, you can buy for under $15, for a woman who loves tools. And if you’re struggling to get some flowers Home Depot always has them by the customer service area.

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a black and yellow speed square for quick measuring, marking and squaring up.

1. A speed square. This is an absolute necessity in any shop. I use mine all the time. Whether I’m squaring up my saw, or drawing lines or fitting door casing. Every shop girl needs a speed square, in every size and maybe more than one.

A pair of feminine safety glasses.

2. Safety glasses. It is so hard to get me to put on safety goggles. I hate how they look and they don’t feel comfortable on my nose. However, a friend of mine gave me a pair of these and now I happily wear safety glasses whenever I need to.

A six foot keychain measuring tape for quick and easy measuring.

3. The cutest pocket key chain 6′ tape measurer there is. I love this thing. It’s so small and lightweight and makes marking lengths on small projects so much easier then trying to get a big, heavy and bulky tape to work. At under $5 you could probably still get her that card and flowers.

A nice flat faced hammer with a red neck.

4. A flat faced hammer. This is really great because it doesn’t leave a mark on the wood when you’re hammering something in. It also has a magnetic area to hold a nail, something a woman who is used to multitasking can appreciate.

inexpensive starter chisel set

5. A simple chisel set. This isn’t the best chisel set money can buy, but it is a decent set for under $15. It’s a great starter set for any woman who is starting to make more complex projects.

a stainless steel carpenter square that can do double duty as a straight edge.

6. How about a carpenter square, you could get this and the speed square and still be under $15. I love using mine to square up door and drawer fronts or when I need a straight edge.

sugru moldable glue

7. This next one is more of crafting/tool type thing. It’s a flexible and moldable glue. I guarantee she’s going to love experimenting with this stuff.

digital angle finder

8. A digital angle finder. It’s so simple you just put it in a corner and it shows exactly what the degree is. If she’s doing any kind of trim work, this is her new best friend.

9. Nothing is worse than starting a project and realizing you don’t have the right size nails. Grab her a few boxes of nails in different sizes so she doesn’t have to stop to get the job done.

10. Last, but not least, I can’t think of any finish carpenter I followed around as a kid who didn’t have one of these hanging on a bucket nearby. Get her a bucket jockey and she can stay organized while easily transporting her tools from the shop to the house.

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 under $15 gifts for a Mom who’d rather spend her time relaxing in the shop than at the spa.

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