Mike and I are pretty handy/creative people and are usually called in to help with any shelf building/painting/addition/reno type projects with our friends. Both of us grew up in the construction trade and we both have backgrounds working on construction projects. I’m one of those over achieving weirdos with a double bachelors in Design and Nursing (so different right? Go figure).

We are hoping this blog serves as a way for us to catalog our entire process of building our second story addition, while helping pave the way for other crazy diy’s. This blog features projects we have done as a couple and on our homes.

In our personal lives Mike is a firefighter and I am a part-time nurse, and interior designer. If you are currently looking for some design help feel free to text, call or send me an email. If you would like some medical advice, call your doctor. lol.

Real Designs by J. Hambel

♡ Joannie