Like soooooo boring.
This has been my view for almost a week now:bedrest
My vacuum also has not moved.

My only consolation prize: my ankles look fantastic! I wish I could reach my toenails though, I would love to paint them a new color, this one’s almost grown out.

The pouf I’m putting my feet up on is something I crocheted a few weeks ago. Since I have so much time on my hands, I’ll post a tutorial on it later (for those of you other grannies who crochet like me).

Last week I was just on modified bed rest and as long as Mike did all the heavy lifting I was able to put together a few things for the nursery. Here are some shelves I built, loosely following Ana White’s plans. Eventually they will be filled with books and pictures…If anyone has any good children’s/baby/toddler book recommendations please put them in the comments! If you want to know how I made the ledger shelves  let me know. The dresser is missing in this pic. It is actually the dresser in the above pic. It needs to be moved downstairs and painted and with me on bed rest I don’t know if that is going to happen.

This is the twin’s closet. It’s an Ikea Pax sort of hybrid. The center unit is all Pax, just my own combo I made up – which is what I love about Pax. All the components are separate. The shelves are also part of the Pax system, although I put them in using leftover scraps for ledges that we had lying around instead of more Pax frames. Same with the poles – leftover scraps and that’s why they don’t match. Ironically, it was cheaper to buy the melamine shelves from Ikea than to buy melamine from the Blue or Orange box. And the colors match. And I think it’s beautiful. One last Pax push: it’s cheaper (as in less expensive) than either of the big box store’s closet systems and (in my opinion) is actually better quality. The construction of the drawers and tracks is really intense – you can tell they can handle heavy loads and are extremely smooth. Most importantly the frames and shelves are all 3/4″ thick and the whole system is like a dream to put together – very easy and very quick and everything lines up spot on.


Mike was also able to hang our new “canvas” over our kitchenette. All I can think about is how I want to paint the trim around the doorways and the bathtub and stain the fridge cabinet to match the rest of the cabinets. The good news is: with the limited number of stair trips I’m allowed to make I have a place to keep my snacks.

Last, but not least here is the happiest girl ever:

This girl turned seven on Sunday. Yes, seven. She had just turned five when we submitted plans for this project. Time goes by so fast. It’s hard to stop and enjoy those small moments that you have – but you should. Red said that she wanted to see snow fall for her birthday. She said she’d never seen it fall. When I think about it, she was only 8 or 9 months old when she would have. For her birthday we took her to Big Bear in order to find the only snow in Southern California to inner tube on – it was man made.

For days the forcast said slightly cloudy. Right after lunch it began to snow. It has been a freaking heat wave here in SoCal, our friends have been swimming in their pools and turning on their AC’s, but on Sunday, for Red, it snowed.

Love this girl.

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  1. Wishing you still lived next door, I would help you with all your fun tasks. OMG….. Sienna is 7!!!!!! How did that happen. I still see that spirited sweet face escaping your house & in mine. Miss you guys

  2. Looks so good. And, damn, those ankles are amazing. Mine were like fives times the size with one baby on board. Books I love “press here” by herve tullet, “we’re going on a bear hunt,” “If you give a Mouse a cookie,” “20 Big Trucks,” “the crown on your head.”

  3. love you girl! I have been off for a few months because of foot surgery. I did not realize you were put on bed rest. Your ankles and house are awesome. Hang in there my friend!!! xoxo

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