The day started like any other day, Mike and I rolling out of bed a little bit later than we should have, stumbling around the house like hungry zombies until we got our morning coffee pouring through our veins. However, in the air was something different, it held a hint of anticipation muddled with fear…blah blah blah and that is how I would start my great memoir should I ever write one. But this is a blog, enough with the wordy wordy stuff.

Mike wanted to start demoing in our bathroom, I (nicely) told him that was crazy and he should start demoing somewhere that we don’t utilize everyotherhouroftheday. He agreed and we began tearing off the drywall in the garage.

It would have been easy, except it looked like this:
and this:

You like that beverage jar? I got it at Costco.

You can say it, Mike and I may be procrastinators.

We had a lot of packing to do and dismantling of cabinets. I won’t go into any of the boring details (I wouldn’t want to lose what few readers I have). But eventually the garage looked like this:

We then moved on to the inside living room wall:

Then the kitchen:

Then the exterior wall outside of our bedroom. And the next morning I awoke to this:

Pretty awesome night light, right? It’s daylight showing through the outlet since we have no exterior wall.

We also have blackout curtains in our bedroom. Did I mention we may be procrastinators?

That was the last night we slept inside our house. Why? Because we have no front door, no air, and no hot water. We are now sleeping in the trailer. Yay.

Day 2, 3 and 4 of demo all felt pretty much the same. We tore drywall off of walls, pulled out insulation, cut/jack-hammered out foundations. On day 5 Mike and I both had to go to our real jobs. It was like a vacation. No joke. Day 6 Mike was still at work and I was at home and somewhere along the way I had promised to make this:

Look like this:

I must be crazy, that stuff was freaking heavy.

Day 7 Mike came home and he started drilling. And that marked the end of the demo. Now we are digging ditches and building forms.


It’s happening people! This sh*t is real.


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