Every year, at the beginning of November, I unpack this garland and stock it with small treats for my family to find. I zig zag it through my Christmas tree branches and decorate around it with care. It’s a beautiful keepsake with vintage prints that amplify the homey charm the holidays bring.

I like to tie the pockets randomly together to increase the fun and time it takes to find the “pocket” for the day. Use Vintage graphics and print them onto your fabric using freezer paper.

It’s easy to make and I’ve used it every year for about 10 years. The fabric and glue has held up this entire time and I still love using it. Hang it on your tree, your mantle or along a row of windows. This garland is sure to bring Christmas cheer and a nostalgic vibe to any room you place it in.

This is the printable version of the tutorial only. I created 25 printable graphics completely ready to print with cut and fold marks and everything you need to make this a simple Holiday craft. If you’d like to download those graphics I have them on my Etsy shop. Send me a message that you’ve signed up for my newsletter and I’ll send you a discount code!

Credit to Marian Parsons for original advent calendar tutorial.

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