This week I built myself a pair of nightstands that are very similar to the ones found on Crate and Barrel’s website: Keane Wenge Nightstands. I’m going to get straight to the point here because every time I read a recipe on someone’s website they go on and on about how great the recipe is. I have to scroll through pages and pages of writing to get to the actual recipe and that is so annoying. I don’t know what that is about. Maybe it’s to keep you on the site. Who knows.

So, let me tell you about these nightstands: perfect height (but easy to adjust if it isn’t right for you), wood slides (saves you some dough), lots of storage (especially the unique open area for charging, storing laptop, etc.), looks like a million bucks (very similar design to higher end ones), but cheap to build. I rate the plans as Beginner to Intermediate. These nightstands cost me $36 to build (total for both) – but I had a lot of scrap wood that I utilized. Your cost may be more or less depending on how much scrap you can use up.

Keane Wenge dupe nightstand with laptop and magazines placed on shelf, a small blue and white china dish for rings, and a classic black and brass lamp with a vanilla colored lampshade.
I call these plans my, “Sexy, Black Nightstands,” but you can finish them however you want
Keane Wenge dupe nightstand dressed with a brass tray, peony flowers found in our yard placed in a small clear bowl vase, shelf on nightstand has aviation of the year and mag charger for iPhone.
Here’s Mike’s side of the bed. He loved it so much he even said he liked the flowers.
Keane Wenge dupe nightstand next to bed with beautiful flowers from our yard and a traditional black and brass lamp and off white shade.
And a pull away for context

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  1. Hi,
    These nightstands are beautiful! Unfortunately, I am personally not able to build these. In this case, am I able to purchase a pair to be made from you?

    1. I’m so happy you like them! Unfortunately, I do not sell these. I imagine you could give these plans to someone locally who can build them for you 🙂 Otherwise, the Crate and Barrel Keane nightstand is where I got my inspiration.

      1. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I think these nightstands are much better than the Keane nightstand. You’re right, they are sexy nightstands. Do I google for a carpenter near me? Which profession do I search?

        1. I’m not sure if a carpenter would want to build this, but it’s possible – especially if they are a finish carpenter. However, I’d try to find a furniture maker or cabinet maker. You may be able to find someone one Angie’s list, craigslist, or etsy. If you live near a high school they often have a “wood shop” class and the teacher would be able to make this or may have a student that wants to build this for some extra cash. Where I live, and in my last town we had that at our high school. The teacher even hosted week-night workshops for adults who wanted to build a project. You would bring your project and supplies and the teacher would walk you through the process building it and you would have access to all the tools in the wood shop. Hope that helps 🙂

    1. No I didn’t. I honestly had no idea there was an outlet until after I built them. But I think that would be such a great idea. I’ve added them to a few of my builds let me know if you do! I’d love to see pictures and share them.

      I might even add some in to mine when I get the chance!

I promise to reply if you do!