After the pool dig our rebar guys jumped right in and took over. They were very fast and finished the whole pool and retaining wall for the bar in just a couple of days. They were also very thorough and noticed that we made the spa 1′ smaller than what the plans called for (7′ vs 8′). I originally wanted a 7′ spa and thought any bigger would be a waste. Mike wanted a 9′ spa so 8′ was the compromise. Imagine my surprise when Mike and I accidentally set the form short because when we drew it out we only accounted for the bond beam on one half of the spa rather than both (12″ bond beam, we made a 9′ form you would need a 10′ form for an 8′ spa…ooops). We could have changed it but that would mean Mike would have to dig more and he was over it. On the plus side he thinks that 7′ is perfect. While they finished the rebar Mike built the forms for the retaining wall footing and started working on the yard drains. We knew more rain was coming and he was hoping to divert it away from the pool to avoid any cave-ins now that the hole was done.

Next step: rough plumbing and electrical.

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