three pedestal sinks in front of a scalloped tile ledge and three custom ikea hack mirrors to look like anthropology cecelia brass mirrors with hidden medicine cabinets behind them.

Our three daughters share one bathroom. I absolutely love the layout of our home. Our primary ensuite is downstairs, while four rooms are upstairs surrounding a loft. Each kid gets their own bedroom. However, there are two bathrooms upstairs.

Mike grew up with three sisters and he insisted that Jack should have his own bathroom. Since one of the rooms was set next to its own bathroom, Jack got that room. The girls’ three rooms all surrounded one larger bathroom.

before shower tub combo with builder standard fiberglass insert that was yellowed, cracked and ready for an update. replaced with tiled shower and fixed glass panel.
The previous owners removed the glass sliding doors but never did anything about the silicone and holes left after they removed them. Neither did we. Also, can we take a moment to address the amount of products three girls need in a shower?

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Unfortunately, four+ years ago, when we bought the house, all of the bathrooms had various levels of neglect/disrepair. A couple years ago we tackled our primary bathroom. We knew the girls bathroom would be the next major bathroom renovation.

before, builder grade two sink vanity and yellowing Corian countertops were replaced by three pedestal sinks and a bathroom sink ledge.
Before the girls bathroom renovation the cabinet doors were falling apart and the countertop was yellowed and chipped. The faucets leaked and were difficult to turn on and off.

One Room Challenge and Girls Bathroom Falling Apart

Around the 2021 Fall One Room Challenge, Mike and I decided that it was time to give the girls an upgrade. It was right around the time the toilet broke and the cabinet doors started falling apart. You ever get to the point in a bathroom where no amount of cleaning can make it look clean? We had reached that point.

mike has become a pro at framing, running electrical and plumbing lines. His skill helps all of our diy projects take shape and stay within budget.
Eleven years of renovating together and Mike is a pro at making all my plumbing and electrical dreams come true

The girls existing bathroom had a two sink vanity with poor storage, a very deep and useless linen cabinet, a shower bath combo and a broken toilet. The actual layout wasn’t bad. However, for three girls I wanted to make it just a little more functional.

laying out the space is always something Joannie does when she begins planning any project.
The proposed layout I came up with would have three pedestal sinks. We also nixed the bathtub for a large shower.
renderings Joannie made helped her visualize an uncommon bathroom layout with three pedestal sinks.
I fell in love with this Emma Shipley wallpaper and knew I had to use it.

Three sinks was going to be the life changing function we needed

I had a hard time finding any inspiration photos of three sinks in one shared bathroom. But I knew that three girls would all need their own space to get ready every morning without me yelling at them to hurry and losing my mind. So, I had to render it. When I saw it on screen, I knew it would be good.

framing the medicine cabinets and smooth coating the walls were all done just before installing the Emma shipley amazon wallpaper in this feminine and fun girls bathroom.
After tile, but before wallpaper the medicine cabinets and three pedestal sink layout was coming to life

We also added a shelf behind the sinks for a curling iron or makeup landing spot while getting ready. We framed in three custom medicine cabinets that I built in the shop and Mike added electrical to. Then I hid them behind three Anthropology Cecilia dupe mirrors that I hacked from an Ikea mirror.

After: The Girls Shared Bathroom with Three Pedestal Sinks

anthropology dupe medicine cabinets Joannie built are beautifully flanked by custom pleated lampshades Joannie all made hanging over a sink ledge and three pedestal sinks.
I found some teal upholstery fabric and covered the lampshades with them.

Can you believe that those three medicine cabinets alone replaced all the dysfunctional under sink and broken drawer storage we had before?

This ikea hack kitchen cabinet with diy shaker drawer and brass handles really added the extra storage and function these three girls needed in their shared bathroom.
The base cabinet is actually an Ikea kitchen cabinet hack!

The linen cabinet used to be one deep 24″ cabinet. It was impossible to keep it organized or use anything in the back. I replaced it with three drawers (each girl gets their own) and a shallower, 18″ deep cabinet for towels and other shared bathroom essentials (hair dryer, toilet paper, soap etc).

special prints Joannie found depict  the three girls who share this bathroom.
The one thing that remained the same were the three prints that remind me of our girls

We refaced all the walls with shiplap and painted them Benjamin Moore Simply White. I also trimmed the arch leading into the shower/toilet area to match the new door trim.

brass towel hooks on white shiplap and a shower ledge in the shared shower all made the space more functional and usable.

In lieu of a towel bar I installed these inexpensive hooks from target.

a shower with a fixed panel made the shared girls bathroom appear larger and more open than the old bathtub and shower combo with a curtain.
We also opted for a framed fixed glass panel instead of a shower curtain

Design considerations for a shared girls bathroom

I have a rule: if you ever take the time to re-tile your bathroom shower wall you might as well take the tile all the way to the ceiling. Another new rule: shower ledges are easier to add in that a niche and provide way more storage.

Mike installed the shower valve at the entrance. I love this, now no one gets wet when they start the shower and wait for the water to warm up.

We put a solid surface quartz surround to trim the windows and on the shower curb. I found all the quartz we needed from someone on Facebook Marketplace for $100. Mike and I cut it and installed it ourselves and saved a ton by doing it this way. Whenever I start a project I always check Facebook marketplace for anything I might need.

a new toilet was in order for this shared girls bathroom remodel, but adding a new tank lever really made it look more expensive than it actually was.
We added this handle to the toilet. Swapping out the standard handle is a simple way to make any toilet look way more expensive.
an ikea kitchen cabinet hack and diy oak shaker doors take this linen cabinet to the next level.
This cabinets may be the best one I’ve built yet. The shaker doors are all from plywood with oak veneer
Emma shipley wallpaper and anthropology dupe mirror medicine cabinets make this a standout bathroom for three girls.
The rendering of the three sinks and real life aren’t that far off.
three pedestal sinks replace a standard two sink vanity in this shared girls bathroom.
What a different view it is to enter this bathroom now.

Epoxy grout is a must in a heavily used bathroom

The penny tile is a faux marble that matches the subway tile in the shower. We installed it with a unique epoxy mortar that also acted as grout. If you’ve ever installed penny tile you may know how hard it is to keep the mortar from the grout area. Because it acted as both the mortar and grout we didn’t have to stress when it squished out between the tiles. It is also stain proof and won’t shrink or crack.

For any other sources from our girls shared bathroom I’ve listed them here.

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This renovation was part of the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge, which is sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens.

one room challenge logo for shared girls bathroom

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