The weather the last two months has been full of rain. We’re in a drought. I’m not complaining. I also think it has been great for our pool shell. Rain helps slow down how fast the gunite cures and the slower it cures the harder it gets. The shell has been done for about a month now and they  came back out and shot the back wall of the swim up bar a couple of weeks ago. We’re just waiting for our pool coping to be delivered so that we can move on to the next step.


We are now proud owners of a cement pond.

We just picked up all of our pool equipment – it’s sitting in the garage at the moment.

We also have all of our tile sitting in our entry way. The aqua iridescent tile will be used for the waterline and spillover in the spa. The white octagon tiles are for the swim up bar counter top. The Bellecrete square you can kinda see under my hand is a sample of the coping that we ordered. It is pre-cast concrete with a sand finish, modern profile in dark gray. They make it in all different radius’ so it works for us even though we have a free-form pool. It should be here Tuesday. It’s the next step and Mike and I plan on installing it ourselves.

We spent a few days just cleaning up all of the mess from the gunite. It started raining both times they came out so we ended up with tons (literally two full trailers worth) of concrete we had to haul out. I filled the wheel barrows and Mike loaded them into our dump trailer. Then we took family trips to the dump. So fun.

Lately, Mike has been filling the plumbing trenches with sand and leveling out the ground to get ready for pre-deck inspection. We are renting another bobcat Tuesday to move more dirt out of the yard, but this time it’s to get ready for the deck we are putting in. I’ve been drawing up plans for the deck and new patio cover we are thinking of building. After he levels and moves some dirt, we need to waterproof the retaining wall and bondbeam. Then, Mike and I will install the coping, pour the counter for the swim up bar and bar stools, and install the waterline and counter top tiles. Unlike the addition where we wanted to get back into our house as soon as possible, I don’t think I have been as pushy about getting the pool done. I just want it done by summer – I think that is a relatively achievable goal.

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