If you’re new here welcome! If not, welcome back! I’m part of the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge and this is week 1. 🙂

This is the third One Room Challenge I’ve been a part of and it’s always a little hectic because I usually take on too big of a project or I’m finishing multiple projects at once. This one isn’t really any different except that I started my room a couple of weeks early and it’s a good thing because tomorrow Mike is leaving to go help fight some fires up north and will probably be gone for at least two weeks.

For this ORC we will be remodeling the girls bathroom. We have three daughters who all share the same bathroom. We moved here 4 years ago and they’ve all be waiting for it to be gutted. Before we demoed the bathroom the toilet ran non-stop, the doors on the cabinets were falling apart, the shower insert was disgusting, chipped, yellowed and the metal was discolored. The linen cabinet was a nightmare of disorganized junk because it was so deep it wasn’t even usable…everything just got pushed to the back…and it never looked clean because the white Corian counters were also yellowed from the previous owners using the wrong products to clean them.

So yeah. I’ve wanted to gut the bathroom since we walked through the open house. But that’s nothing new for me. I’ll happily tear anything a part to make it slightly better. Mike on the other hand took some time and convincing and it was his baby girls who begged him to make it happen that he couldn’t say no to. Me, all day long. Them? Nope.

We need three sinks.

Since Kate started going to school the morning dynamics in the bathroom really started changing. With three girls all using the bathroom at the same time to get ready they each needed their own space. As is it’s an 86″ long vanity with two sinks. I decided I wanted three. I know, this is weird. But just stay with me while I explain. We have three daughters. We will be living in this house for awhile like that. This is our house and we should make it be as efficient and useful for us as possible. No one else uses this bathroom. It’s upstairs and its surrounded by the three rooms and the three girls who use it. I’m a designer, I’m expected to be unconventional. Also, yes I know we have a son. His room has its own bathroom. Lucky him. He won’t share. I don’t blame him.

During the planning stages the girls asked if they could take out the bathtub and only have a shower. Another unconventional decision but I’ll ride with it because again, in 10-15 years if/when we move, whoever moves in may be over whatever I did and want it gutted and changed anyway…or they’ll love it and do nothing. Either way the bathroom served it’s purpose for me and no one down the road is going to refuse to buy this house because I took out a bathtub. I don’t know who started that rumor but let me tell you, it’s a myth. It is a total myth.

I’m a designer, I’m expected to be unconventional.

But I digress…because let’s be honest, I do like to please, and I’m sure the only reason you’re here is because you want to see the plans I’ve drawn up. Without further ado, I give you a fun, fantastical and feminine bathroom.

The linen cabinet will be finished with oak, but it will have three drawers in the base,
not as tall doors, but this gives you an idea of the color scheme.

I know, there’s two sinks here, but I swear I am doing three. In fact, with how the supply chain has been the last year and a half, I actually bought them in April because they were the last three in stock in all of Southern California and I had to drive to two different Lowes to get them in two different counties. I started buying stuff for this challenge six months ago. It’s been stock piling in my garage and our entryway.

The New Floor Plan

We are adding a ledge behind the sinks, which will work out great for adding the additional plumbing for the third sink, as well as electrical I’d like to add for each “station”. The shower will also have a ledge in it, because a niche is never enough for a girl’s hair/skin products especially if there’s three girls. The linen cabinet will have three medium deep drawers for each of the girls and then shelves for common items ie towels, cotton swabs, pads, etc.

Glad you made it this far

What do you get out of it for following along? Well, there will be Ikea hacks to see, recessed lighting to add, wallpapering to do, shiplap installing, tiling, waterproofing with Kerdi, and a bunch of other great helpful diy’s in no particular order. And if diy is not your thing, perhaps self inflicted misery is, and in that case I’d love to have you following along through ours.

The renderings almost take all the surprise out of the reveal.

For anyone who is still trying to figure out what the One Room Challenge is, follow that link and check it out. Linda has done an amazing job creating this challenge and keeping it going through the years and I’d like to give her a shout out and a thank you for doing it. I’d also like to thank Better Homes and Gardens who consistently shows up every year as our media partner. Special shout out to all those who are Featured Designers for this round, as many of them have done several ORC’s throughout the years. (Specifically my girl Jewel Marlowe who has shown up and supported me every ORC I’ve committed to and goes out of her way to make us all feel like we belong and are special, please please give her some love, I’m so stoked for her). And also a sweet salute to my fellow Guest Participants who are here to complete our rooms and support each other along the way.

If you’d like to see some of my other ORC’s check out the reveals here and here!

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  1. Grew up with four older sisters…totally get the need for 3 sinks! I’ve been following the demo, can’t wait to see the rest – I know it will be amazing!

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