patton pulls in unlaquered brass from rejuvenation

Welcome to the first week of my weekend round up. I’ll be sharing my favorite and most used tool of the week. Things I have bought and can’t believe I didn’t buy them sooner. Beautiful spaces I’ve been pinning and a few wants I’d love to have.

Some of the links I share are affiliate links, and if you purchase through them it won’t cost you any extra, however, I may be paid a small commission. That small support helps me keep the lights on and we appreciate all of it

Makita 18 gauge brad nailer battery operated, best brad nailer ever.

Most used tool this week

Hands down this week I used my Makita 18 gauge brad nailer the most. This thing is a beast. It is a little on the heavy side – but most battery powered brad nailers are. That’s the primary reason why I didn’t buy one for the longest time. Seriously, I had a 200 feet of air hose and I just dragged that everywhere. However, I ended up getting one for Christmas a few years back and now my pneumatic brad nailer hasn’t been out of the drawer since. Just make sure you buy brad nails in every length. The most common length I used is 1 1/2″ for baseboards, 1 1/4″ for 3/4″ that I only want to nail in to drywall. 5/8 & 3/4″ for small stuff. This brad nailer can handle up to 2″ 18 gauge nails.

If you want something a little lighter weight, I also recommend the Milwaukee version. But, don’t tell Mike. He only lets me buy Makita.

These are fake, but they look so real

Favorite Amazon find

These tapered candles are legit. Sure, they’re fake. But they’re a steel at under $30 for a set of 6. When I first turned them on the default brightness was very fake looking. However, once I dimmed the lights down a little (very easy it’s button on the remote) they looked real. They flicker and are made of wax. They can be set to a timer and will turn on at the brightness level you set them at. No matter how many sets you buy they can all be programmed with a single remote, but they send you two remotes with each six piece set – so you can put one in multiple rooms if you are separating the set up.

pottery barn booker taper candle stick holder and the best dupe of them I found
Booker Taper Candle Stick Holders from PB

Favorite dupe

I had pinned these Pottery Barn candle sticks months ago and set an alert for when they went on sale. They went on sale and I added them to my cart and I almost checked out. Almost. On a whim I decided to look on Amazon for something similar. So weird. I know. Like, they’re on sale, just be happy: click checkout. But no, the deal shopper that I am I couldn’t. As I wondered why I am the way that I am, I was rewarded with these:

Best dupe of pottery barn booker taper candle stick holders
Comes in a set of 6 for $45 (or 3 for $30), vs PB’s 4 for $78

If you are looking for a nice Mother’s Day gift for a lady who loves candle stick holders and decor, this is a great buy.

I’m not sure if they come in gold, but Rub n’ buff would easily make that happen. And I might buy another set and try it out…however the matte black is very nice and classic too.

If you don’t like deals and want to pay $78 for a set of 4 because you want the Pottery Barn receipt, here’s the link to the original ones.

the most beautiful unlaquered brass drawer pulls from rejuvenation with a backplate
I love the backplate and the variable thickness of the handle. So good.

My absolute favorite thing that I sourced for someone else and wished it were for me

These Rejuvination drawer pulls are to die for. Well, maybe not die, but work really hard to afford them, type of worth it. I’ve been wanting to change my hardware in our kitchen to gold tones with a backplate. These are so gorgeous. I will just live vicariously through my clients who can buy them. I do have a plan up my sleeve to diy something similar…but I can’t promise I will get to it any time soon.

link to my friend Nancy @thehillsidehouse account on instagram.

Last but not least, the Instagram Account that stood out to me the most this week

Nancy @thehillsidehouse has a very traditional meets laid back, cozy aesthetic, and if this is your jam, check her out. She puts things together that seem so effortless but create the most inviting ambiance. She is also a great person to talk to and a great friend. She loves simple crafts, especially ones that include sewing with her ruffle foot or flowers from her garden.

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  1. Oh please please please do a DIY drawer pull with a backplate!! I want to change out my pulls from my builder grade cabinets but the holes from the original pulls are too close together for what I want. I’ve been looking for some pulls with a backplate but all I’ve been able to find are the ones from rejuvenation that are super expensive and not in the budget! I would love to see what you do!!

    1. Haha I love that you caught that little blurb in there. I really am! I’m working on them in the shop and fine tuning the process. It won’t be right away but I promise it’s coming up!

I promise to reply if you do!