You know the saying, “You get what you pay for”? Well. Yeah.

Our color coat was free (not the labor, but the product). This technically saved us several thousand dollars because it is synthetic stucco. It’s more like rubber than anything else and when you live in an area known to produce this:

Having stucco that is flexible and never cracks is a must. Remember how I said The Captain was a stucco contractor? Well, he gave us all of his leftover synthetic stucco. You can imagine what that produced.
Captain Brownlee during a ceremony to pay homage to the British soldiers who died in the war, in Stanley

May I present our Ombre House.

That’s not a lighting issue people. Those are real true changes in color. Synthetic color coat comes in 5 gallon buckets and you apply it directly to the wall straight out of the bucket. It has sand already in it. A 5 gallon bucket covers roughly 100 s.f. so every 10×10 section has a different color. The funny thing is it’s all peaches and beige.

I wish I knew what our neighbors were saying about us, but I’m too embarrassed to ask. The good news is unlike conventional stucco that you should not paint, synthetic is made from acrylics so painting it only makes it better. The final color will be Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray for the main colors and Decorator’s White for the trim.

In other news…The trim around all the windows is done (yay me!) and painted.

Mike found the light box for the vanity light in the girl’s jack and jill bathroom and we put the light up.

Mike finished the Durock for the master shower.

He also installed a new garage door opener, the lights in the garage, all the electrical receptacles/outlets/face plates/fans/low voltage faceplates and leveled my washer and dryer and stacked them back up. I’m pretty excited to do laundry (since moving here) and not get hit in the head by a swinging door.

There’s a bunch of other things to do before we are done, but it’s closing in – the end is near people, I can feel it!

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