There are a couple of projects that I still have on my list that I wish I could wave a magic wand and make them go away – one of which is all the trim in the house. I just finished caulking all of it and right now I’m in the middle of filling all of the nail holes and touching the paint up. I’m still on the fence about whether or not I’ll paint the caulk seam (I know I should but I’m sick of these tedious jobs). I love creating new things and touching up the trim work is mind numbing. So when I muster up the will power I make myself work for an hour or two on just patching stuff up. I figure, at this rate, I’ll be done by next year ?.  Another project and kinda part of the first one I mentioned are the returns I need to glue on to the door frames upstairs. It’s part of the first one because I haven’t painted the door trims upstairs and I’ve been putting that off until I can touch up the baseboards and door trims at the same time – but I’m not going to do that until I glue on the returns. And another big one is the trim in the stairway. Right now it looks like this:

imageimage image

See the lack of baseboards and unfinished skirt? Mike really liked the board and batten trim around Sienna’s alcove bed and asked if we could do it in the stairway. I spent last week ripping mdf sheets into boards, sanding and priming them and I’ve been waiting for Mike to be home for a day so he and I can nail them up. I’d do it myself but I want another person around when I’m hanging 20 feet in the air. I’m hoping it’ll have some resemblance to this by the end of this month:

image image

(Via decorpad)


Then I’ll have to caulk, patch and paint all of that too.

I get let down sometimes when I check out other people’s blogs. I see their finished rooms with their beautiful vignettes and I look around my house and all I see are bare walls and unfinished doorways. I can’t even pull up to the house without being reminded of stuff I need to do (paint and finish porch columns for example). The funny thing is – because I’m inherently flawed creative I’m already planning another massive project. Mike won’t let me start it until I finish all of my little tedious ones ?. So here I am, with my bucket of crack shot filling in holes dreaming up the laundry room I’m going to make him build.


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