Well, that about says it all. I may just post pictures and let them tell the story. Remember this?bm_iceberg_1

Calm, blissful, serene. I was pretty excited about the prospects for this room. I already imagined all the fun neon accents I was going to put everywhere.

You know who didn’t see my vision? Red.

I ignored every single one of her protests. Why? Because as parents we get pretty good at ignoring our kids whines.

Until about three days ago when she came up to me and said, “I’m going to go live in another house. I want you to come with me because I love you. But I hate this room. I didn’t want white walls. You let Evie pick the colors for her room and you didn’t let me. It’s not fair.” Then silence. No whines. No cries. No tears. Just adamant declaration. She was right. How could I explain to her that I just didn’t trust a 6 year old’s color choice. I mean reeeaaally. I’ve got her artwork to prove it. Purple faces with green hair…


The funny thing is I truly believe that kids should express themselves and love who they are. If I told her I didn’t approve of her color choices I would be going against what I want for her. So, I imagined the worst: she picks a color I hate. And the worst case scenario wasn’t so bad anymore. After all, it’s her room, not mine. I don’t have to live in it. She does. I can appreciate that she loves bright ridiculous colors and be proud that she chose her own colors.

Accept defeat.

“You’re right,” I said. “It wasn’t fair. Let’s go pick out your paint.”reds_room

When all was said and done I told her to step back and take a look at her room and tell me what she thinks. She said, “I love it.”

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. You know Sienna,May have had a vision of the outside colors and brought them inside ,before they had been applied ! That’s’ our Grand baby, Go Red! 🙂

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