This post is long over due, but I wanted to wait until more shear wall was up to post it. Every picture I took (before today) just looked like a box of toothpicks.

You know how they say, “That’s something only a mother could love”?

Well, the pics I took looked like something only the original designer could figure out.

Which translated to: totally boring and a waste of time.

Sooooo, reeeeemember this?
no roof2_second_story_addition

Check it out now!

The hole for the front door and the entry room on the right:

The stairs SW began and still needs to finish:

So that we can get rid of this stupid thing:

From the top of the stairs if you would turn your head left and then right:
tour7x_second_story_additio tour6x_second_story_additio

Yeah, I know we have two kids, the other one wants the old master bedroom downstairs…I’m still getting used to the idea…decorated in gray with “accents of turquoise” she tells me. She’s 7, wtf?

The Master Bedroom, it’s 17’x20′ and that is just the bedroom people, not the bath:

View from the bathroom into the bedroom:

View from the bedroom into the bathroom:

A less clustered pic of the entrance to Mike’s closet:

Red’s room: Entrance and Alcove Bed
tour12_second_story_addition tour13_second_story_addition

She is going to have a bed that looks like this:

Red’s balcony:

Entrance to the Jack & Jill bath from Red’s room:

Entrance to Jack & Jill bath from the spare room:

Spare room:

See what I’m talking about? Mishmash toothpicks.

Last but not least, the view from the back:

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  1. Wow even I can see it! Thank you for the details you added to the pictures.

    E is so your child, a designer at heart!
    Where is Sienna’s tree being planted? I love her bed and can’t wait to see it finished.

I promise to reply if you do!