For the last twelve years (basically since Evie was born) I have not been allowed to watch much adult tv…I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never watched an episode of Fixer Upper (I know, how can I call myself a blogger on house remodeling). I make up for my lack of adult tv by going on Pinterest, Instagram, or visiting my favorite blogs to get my fix.
So, what do I watch? If you’re like me and have any young kids you probably already know the answer. A whole lot of Disney.
Yesterday, I and my family were invited by @kristincruz and @disneypr to visit Disney Studios in Burbank and watch some of the series premiers of our two favorite shows and some sneak peaks of others – including a great music video “Legendary” featuring all of Evie and Sienna’s favorite actors!
We even got to meet some of their favorite characters in person! Calling us starstruck would be putting it lightly. I couldn’t believe how sweet and approachable they all were in person. Especially the cast from Raven’s Home – if the girls had time they probably would have chatted with them for hours. The upcoming lineups look awesome and I’m pretty sure I’ll be found watching them – even when the kids are at school. I love that they are tackling controversial topics like sexual identity and finding oneself. Andi Mack helps me explain things to my kids in ways that foster acceptance and kindness – all things I strive for. Raven’s Home takes me back to my younger years when I used to watch That’s So Raven and the twists and turns the show takes always keeps me laughing and guessing. I cringed watching the Coop and Cami sneak peak knowing the mother’s pain and it reminded me of when my own kids covered themselves in nasty goop. Twice. I even got goosebumps during the entire music video of Legendary and know it’s going to be a hit.

Check out Raven’s Home, Andi Mack and Coop and Cami then maybe you’ll finally find some tv you and your kids can both agree on watching 🙂

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