Here’s some pics of us leveling the area with sand and then putting in the rebar for the concrete slab before we poured the concrete. We also put dobie’s down under the rebar but I didn’t take any pictures.

As you can see we didn’t really have to build forms for this because the walls were our “forms” we only had to stake a 2×4 across the opening. That piece of wood is where the stairs will start.

We picked up a trailer of concrete. That’s a yard of concrete that comes in a miniature mixer that you attach to your trailer hitch and haul away yourself. They’re kinda cute. They look like this:

They added Davis color packs to the mixer so that the concrete would come out dark gray like our coping. It just so happened that one yard was exactly the amount of concrete we needed for the concrete slab in the sunken bar. Aren’t we lucky? I’d like to say I planned it that way….but I’m not that good. Maybe next time I’ll remember to think in terms of yardage when I draw something…

Thanks Nels and Matt for helping us get this slab finished!

This is it, still wet with a broom finish. We sloped it towards the two drains you can see.

Later Mike will saw cut some relief joints.

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