When the inspector comes and pulls out a micrometer to your work things are not going to go smoothly.

With that said, we finally passed combo inspection. I don’t want to talk about everything it took to get us passed yesterday. I want to talk about the one thing I woke up to yesterday morning after working a 12-hour shift and knowing I had to go to work again. It was the sound of someone exploding outside of the trailer. Literally: ex-plo-ding.

Let me back up and add a little detail. Mike was at work Sunday and on Monday he came home to fix the last few items from our inspection from, “hell-o operator you’re totally OCD”. While I was at work he grinded out most of them except for a couple of “minor” things that were too noisy to do at midnight. Ahhh life in suburbia. Land of HOA’s and neighbors who live thisclose. Anyhow. He decided he would leave them to finish before our re-inspection on Tuesday. Yesterday.

Fast forward: someone exploding outside the trailer. It’s 6 am and I went to sleep at 1:30. Mike is puking his heart and soul out onto our block wall. Morning sickness I ask? Nope. Our HVAC guy hooked Mike up in more ways than one. Thank’s Scott Rohland.

scott rohland1

The stomach flu is AWESOME!

What doesn’t kill you makes you skinnier – I can’t wait for me to get it. j/k. What Scott had to say for himself? “I don’t know about you, but I ate some bad fish”. Mike’s temp was 102.

So there we were, day of inspection and Mike is half lucidly talking about yogurt and soft pretzels and painting our wall with them. And I’m like, “let me sleep puke face I gotta work today” and he’s like “you gotta do the list of things before inspection comes”. What?! Woah there tiger. You gotta pull your shit together. Hang a bucket around your neck and start moving.

Instead, I took his list, made him a bed inside the house complete with nausea meds and some gatorade and went to work hammering the last few staples and whatever ever else was on it. And guess what? We passed.

On to insulation!

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