It’s been a whirlwind of activities here at the Hambel house. Between building an addition, full time work, and last minute trips to the park/zoo/pool before school begins, I barely had time to realize how long it’s been since I’ve updated this blog…but don’t worry, Mike didn’t let you guys down, he bugged me about it almost everyday for last four days he has been home. So, here it is!

Last time I wrote we had just had a bunch of our friends show up and help us lift all the floor trusses into place. We are so far beyond that now that I feel like summarizing it all up may be a disservice to my timeline.

However, I won’t bore you with the dirty deets, I’ll just post the highlights.

After the floor trusses were up we had to nail metal pieces called H3’s on the left and right side of both ends of everysingletruss. There were 37 trusses. Next we had to “block in” between everysingletruss. By the end I was finding sawdust in every single dimple and crevice on my body. I helped by cutting a lot of the blocks for M and APH (an all purpose handyman who has been in construction longer than I’ve been alive) while they nailed them into place. That took forever.

The blocking looks like this:

That was about a day of work. I know. I’m boring myself just writing about it.

Moving on. The next day (and a few more after that) Mike and APH glued and screwed down the 3/4″ plywood subfloor. We almost got an OSB subfloor, but in the end we spent the extra money for the plywood because 1. It would have cut edges near wet areas and 2. In case we blow our budget and have to live with subfloor for awhile until we can squeeze pennies into tile or wood floors, plywood doesn’t look as bad. Can you figure out which point was mine? It wasn’t the first one…I’m the cheapskate in this relationship and although I would love to save on OSB, I would hate to spend on fixing deteriorating subfloor so Mike made a valid point.

After all the subfloor was in place it looked like this:subfloor_second_story_addition

Can you believe it? There’s soooo much room for activities!

And from underneath:

I’ll post some more progress tomorrow!

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