We are now halfway through this challenge and I am starting to wonder if we will be able to complete this in time. I’m also starting to feel the toll of spending all of my spare time in the rv – alone – with the kids and wishing Mike were around to help. Hopefully he will be able to give some solid time to the rv in the next half because we still have a lot of work to do.

Jack thought it was hilarious to go in the boxes and jump out and shout, “Jack in the Box!” Packages are still arriving daily and the kids are having a lot of fun with them.

This past week we finished the flooring except for three pieces we were short and need to go pick up. I painted the refrigerator panels and wallpapered one strip of wallpaper to see how easy/well it applied. The wallpaper is a beautiful print I bought from Serena & Lily and came unpasted. This was a first time for me to install unpasted wallpaper. I was surprised that it was actually the easiest I have done yet. I also built some new valences for the windows in the livingroom. Mike installed the new toilet and I added some baseboards in the toilet area that I also need to install around the rest of the rv.

Fridge panels in place
We are waiting for the stair nosing to arrive to complete the transition here. It’s a special order and takes 6 weeks to arrive…so it may not get here in time for the reveal
Just a simple stop molding that I am using as a base. The cove that matches the flooring didn’t look right to me. I painted them the same greige as the rest of the trim.

This week I also found the quartz for the rv from a great wholesale place that had prefabricated counters for sale. They don’t cut or install, they just sell prefabricated counters. It’s a little darker than I had imagined but I was having a really hard time sourcing what I had originally wanted in the dimensions we needed. Our counters had to be 27 1/2″ deep because of the slide depth. Most prefabricated counters come in 26″ depths. This one came in 26″, 36″ and 48″ depths all by 9′. We bought the 36″ x 9′ slab. This gave us the 6′ we needed for the kitchenette and then extra for the bathroom vanity and the dresser that is in the rv bathroom.

Mike did all the cutting and you may have caught a time-lapse of it on Instagram
We also had to cut the edge profile in half to make it just single ply profile

All of our doors from Semi-handmade were delivered yesterday and are gorgeous. I love the way they look with the dark counters and gray cabinets. I’m hoping by next week the kitchen will not only be usable but will be done and we will be focusing on the other half of the rv. The shower pan and shower surround/hardware is all here too. There is plenty to do, now if only I can get Mike to devote one or two solid days on it we might have a usable kitchen and bathroom by next week.

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If you have time, check out the other 300+ designers and the 20 featured designers progress. We all love and value your support, thanks for reading my rant about the week!

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  1. Ok you’re giving me hope! I’m doing my first wallpaper DIY and we’re doing our own counter fabrication too. Fingers crossed for us. You’ll make it!

    1. The wallpaper was actually easier than I expected! I’ve done prepasted and peel and stick wallpapers and this unpasted has been my favorite so far. I can’t wait to see your rooms come together. ❤️

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