Week four of the One Room Challenge and I’ve pulled only one all nighter. Not too bad. We also decided to take CuzinEd – in his unfinished glory camping for the weekend. Either our friends are really nice or we are on the right track (or both) because everyone loved how he’s looking. This past week we set the quartz that Mike had cut along with the sink and cooktop x 2. I say x 2 because after we got it all placed nicely in perfect silicone goodness I asked Mike when the glass cooktop cover goes on and we find out we have to install it before we put it in the counter.


Pro’s use tape to prevent silicone from becoming a nightmare to cleanup. They also use weights from gym equipment that they refuse to get rid of but don’t actually work out with.

There is soooo much that I know about house construction – I’ve built a few and designed plenty…but this rv renovation is different. Some of the walls are 1/4″ plywood, some are metal. Every project seems to have a new challenge. There is definitely a learning curve to this. At times it is incredibly frustrating that not everything is straight forward and predictable.

Before we left for camping I installed all of the drawers and door fronts and Mike installed the interior organizers under the sink. Mike also finished plumbing the kitchen sink and toilet so we wouldn’t be a glorified tent anymore. Our mattress arrived just in time on Thursday before we left on Friday. We ordered a Purple mattress and I wish I could say they sponsored this post…but they didn’t we paid full price for that mattress and it’s worth it you guys. We have one in our master bedroom and love it so much that we bought one for the RV. Sleeping on it was like being at home. Really amazing.

Just like home.

I stayed up super late Thursday night installing roller blinds so that we could have some privacy.

I picked up Levolor roller shades from Lowe’s that they cut to size for you. I used their universal double mounting brackets to mount the rolls vertically on the same plane. It looks like this:

We hung light filtering on one layer, then blackout on the second.

Then, I used the Ikea KVARTAL curtain rail to mount a curtain track in front of the rollers. Then I built a valance out of pre-primed 1 x 6 pine to hide all of the hardware. Soon I’ll hang the curtains (when the risk of dust is gone) and it will look amazing.

Here’s an up close view of the double rollers and the rail together.
It all will be hidden behind a custom valence I built.
The curtain rail will span an entire wall as long as you support it every 53″ and on either end
This little wing in the rail is what connects two of the rails together.

After camping I installed the trim around the microwave. Mike wanted to be able to access under the cooktop where the microwave plug is without having to tear any trim off, so I installed the front piece with super strength velcro.

See that black line between the board and the microwave? That is an opening.
I notched the trim and it disappeared.
See the notches?
So much cleaner right? I love details like this. Trim is my jam.
It’s night so the pic is a little yellow. But here is all the trim in place around the microwave.
I still need to create a vent for the ducting area under it.
Yesterday I started working on the overhead cabinets. The hinges on these are the Ikea ones that flip up. These are not Ikea cabinets but I figured them out. I need Mike’s help to lift the cabinets into place over the sink and then I can install the rest of the door fronts.

And that’s it. I really need Mike to start working on the shower so I can finish the wallpaper accent walls and start hanging some art work. I also need him to do all the recessed lights so I can finish the trim in the slides…

Next week I plan on building a headboard for the master and hopefully finishing all the trim work/wallpaper/veneers/etc. I also need to build the fireplace surround and a bunch of other stuff. These next two week are going to be busy.

Thank you sooo much for following along on our crazy RV remodel.

Thank you to Better Homes and Gardens, the Official Media Partner of the One Room Challenge. A huge thank you to Linda Weinstein, the creator and director of the ORC. Click on over to the ORC blog page and see what the other challenge guest participants and featured designers are up to with their rooms.

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  1. Howdy Cuzin Ed and hello gorgeous cabinets. LOVE the neat and tidy look. Great job on the trim. Leaving your post to check out Purple Mattress. You need an affiliate link! …..we are almost to Week 6…. tally ho! Xo

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