This week I didn’t spend as much of my time in the garden as I did in the shop. This week I made the BIGGEST DOOR I’ve ever made. We live in Norco, “Horsetown USA.” Everyone has a barn in their backyard. We have a guesthouse, we were told to call it a barn. It made perfect sense to me that a barn door access into the equipment area would be very fitting. Even if the trend goes away an outdoor barn door in a horse town will always look right. I felt the design for the door needed to be grand in order to be a contrast against the horizontal lines of the fence. This door is 5 foot wide by 9 foot tall. I wanted the hardware to attach to the front beam of the pergola and found a great deal on exterior barn door hardware through Amazon, here’s the set I used but in the 8′ length.

I used exterior 6″ shiplap for the panel (they came in 10′ lengths) and pine 1×4 and 1×2 boards for the trim.
By insetting the door hardware we are able to open the door with only 4″ of overhang into the opening. I needed Mike’s help to hang this monster.

I needed some sort of glide at the base of the door to keep it in place while it opened. I could have routered a groove in the bottom of the door but thought I would look for something that could sit on either side of the door – to keep it simple. I found these garage door rollers at Lowes in the (you guessed it ) garage door aisle. They have a black nylon wheel and won’t scratch my door. Here’s the same ones on Amazon.

We drilled a hole into the concrete, used an epoxy made for concrete and metal and put the roller glide in. We used two, sandwiching the door between them. Works soooo good. I know to some people just screwing a hole into concrete can sound extreme. I promise with the correct drill bit it’s as easy as drilling in to wood. I hope one day you try it and surprise yourself. I remember at first I didn’t think I could handle it either, but one day Mike made me and I was shocked at how easy it was.

Another view of the door, if you look closely enough you can see the glides (bottom left corner) Mike helped me hang the lights, he’s sizing up the placement in this pic.
We finished all the wire around the garden on the, “Privacy Screen.” Now, we will have to wait for plants to grow. It’s a little bare. But, The green beans are already on it and spreading their arms out.
Lights up! Mike and I decided on a W placement. Love. Those little tabs on the equipment wall are solar lights. This isn’t their final placement. I plan on spacing them semi-randomly on the wall but Kate kept moving the lower ones as I went.

The kids and I made a trip to Ikea and found this chair. Didn’t buy it but it totally reminded me of Squidward from Spongebob. We went to pick up two of these:

gottorp pendant light hack.
Gottorp pendant light

And two of these:

Solvinden Solar Lantern


Yes. And I painted them black. And I sealed them with exterior poly. The pendant was $19.99 and the lantern was $6.99 (I bought the smallest lantern. The solar cell was the same size in every one…cannot believe how perfectly it fit in the pendant)

This past week was all about the barn door, the patio lights and the privacy screen. This week will be about cleaning, final touch up of paint and decorating. I’m heading to Armstrong today to get Wisteria for the wall and some other goodies. Wish me luck! It’s go time!

If you haven’t been there yet, here’s a link to the other One Room Challenge Guest Participants, and to the 20 Featured Designers. As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me motivated through this project. Here’s a picture of where we began just because:

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  1. Would have expected no less than perfection- you are truly gifted. The Joanna Gaines on steroids of Norco!

  2. Can you guys adopt Casey and me? We love everything you both have done!! Very inspirational…and we may steal a few of these ideas. Sooooo, is that guesthouse available for VRBO? hehehe

  3. I’m curious about those hanging lanterns. Will they give off any light, or are they just for ambiance?

I promise to reply if you do!