Welcome to the 6th week recap of our master bathroom remodel. This was the week where we felt like we could see the end in sight. Quartz arrived this week and was completed by the end of the week. Glass guy did final measurements and is scheduled to come before the end of next week. My linen cabinet came together and all that is left is the finish coat. Here’s some pics of the progress for the week.

Would you believe all the quartz is just dry fit in place in this picture? The verticals are being held in place by the tape.
Mike used a waterproof construction adhesive made for kerdiboard and quartz to bond the quartz to the shower. He then used 2x’s to hold the vertical pieces in place and thinset bags on the benchtops until the glue cured. I had removed the 2x’s in the sidelight right before I took this picture. I still love this quartz so much. Vadara Amara. Swoon.
Once the quartz was in place I used the shower floor to as my backdrop for the cabinet door paint swatches to make my final decision. If you follow me on Instagram you might have helped by voting for the color we chose. It ended up being the swatch on the left: HGTV Sherwin Williams Feldspar Pottery. You can see both colors are beautiful and it was a close call. The runner up was Valspar Frappe.
Once I had the color picked, I set my spray booth up in our feed barn and painted the cabinet fronts. If you need a good tutorial here’s a link to my process.
A little teaser, I brought them in and they look amazing.
One door in place and Alex brought all the counters and backsplashes.
Before Alex came back with the counters, and while I waited for the cabinet doors to cure I finished the drawer front and door for the linen cabinet. I used my table saw to cut the mortise and tenon joints. It was a lot easier than setting up my router this time around.
All glued up and ready for clamping.
Very carefully getting the glass in place and using a large sheet of plywood as my table top. This was the winning combination for making the glass door.
Glued and clamped in place. The glass is not glued, it’s only sitting in the channel in case I ever need to fix a broken panel.

I am going to be honest here. This was the first time I ever made a cabinet door with a glass insert. It took me three trips to Lowe’s because I broke three pieces of glass. I built this door twice. I am really proud of how both doors turned out. But the first door I glued the glass in place. The second door and any future doors I won’t do that. Each time the glass broke it was because of how I didn’t support the door properly while moving or clamping…so pay special attention when you’re doing that and you should be good. The glass door in the picture above was actually the one that broke. I was too annoyed and in a hurry when I built the second one to take another picture. But you can see it hanging in the next picture.

In a perfect world, if I had only had to pay for it once, this would have been a really affordable diy project. Even buying it twice and the glass three times, it still was. The glass is standard at Lowe’s and they cut it for you for free. The panes are 12×36 and cost $15 each. I bought 24×36 pieces and they cut them in half. I cut the dados in the wood with my table saw and ran it through twice as the glass was about 1.25 blade widths thick.

Here it is, in all it’s glory. Once the floor tile is done I can add the base trim. You can see that Mike also got my scones wired in this week.
This is the Rubio MonoCoat that I talked about. The board on the right has Rubio MonoCoat in Cotton applied, the board on the left doesn’t. The one on the right will be the final finish of the oak linen cabinet.
At the end of the week Alex brought the counters and back splashes. This undermount tub was a beast to get in but it’s beautiful and was so worth it. The frame and shutters on the bath tub window need to be taken out and modified. I’ll show the finished product next week.

At some point this week Mike also found time to convert the two crappy lights in our closet into can lights and added four more. That’s six can lights total. The lighting in there is amazing now.

Next week we will get the glass installed on the shower and then install the bathroom tile floor. We’re closing the gap people. I can see the end is near!

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