When we bought the house Mike and I agreed that although the house had a great layout it needed some updating. The two main spots on our list were the kitchen and the master bathroom – both expensive remodels. The month we moved in we painted the entire interior, re-floored the downstairs, installed new baseboards and door trim and we remodeled the kitchen. If you’ve followed along for awhile you know we had just finished a pool on our last house right before moving. Suffice it to say that project Mike was exhausted. Me, the ADD Remodelaholic was happy to just keep on demoing but our pocketbooks also needed a break. So, for a year Mike and I saved and planned for our master bath remodel while I tackled smaller projects around the house. I’m glad we waited because I was able to really focus on choosing finishes that I absolutely love…it almost makes me wish I’d waited to do the kitchen. almost.

Here’s the plan: Enlarge the shower, shrink my vanity, add a linen cabinet, swap out our roman tub for an under-mount rectangle tub.

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Here’s all the before pictures:

Mike’s vanity with the entrance to our bedroom on the right
My vanity. I don’t sit and do make up-in fact I do it in my closet where I have a make-up mirror. So the sit down vanity is getting demoed. It’s about 40″ long so that will give us room for a larger shower and a linen cabinet once it’s gone. My sink will get moved 18″ to the left to accommodate the new shower layout.
The moldy, dated, lack of any usable storage shower. I literally have to put my soaps on the ground. There isn’t even a spot to put a razor. The shower drain will be moved closer to the wall and centered in the new larger sized shower.
Looking from my vanity towards the shower and closet. The closet door is being removed and the opening will change from 36″ to 32″.
Everything will change. Tub. Light. Tile. Gone.
I was at work and Mike sent me this. I had removed everything from the cabinets the night before and as soon as he got home that morning he demoed the tile/cabinets and started removing drywall.
Mike removed all the drywall he needed in order to start framing the new shower walls.
Mike framed up the shower. This is childsplay for him now.
Mike cut the concrete and exposed the existing drain so he could move it.

In the first week Mike worked on demo and building the shower walls, some plumbing, and some rough electrical while I worked on building the vanities I had drawn plans for:

Drawer sides all lined up for gluing.
All my drawers nicely stacked. There were 24 total.
One of the vanities.
My favorite drawer. It has power and it will have steel holsters for my hair appliances <3

At the end of week one Mike and I boarded a plane and headed to Colorado to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Such a great way to start our vacation. We had gotten a solid chunk in to our bathroom remodel.

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  1. Would love to know how to build the bathroom cabinet. Do you have a tutorial? Not sure which ikea cabinet this is.
    Love seeing how creative you all are!!

    1. Thank you so much! I wish the bathroom cabinets in here were ikea (like I did in the girls bathroom) that would have made it so much easier! I built Allen cabinets in here from scratch because the dimensions were all non-standard. Do you want a tutorial on the linen cabinet with the glass door or the vanities? I can definitely put one together ☺️

      1. Oh, good to know…I have been curious, because it has the wonderful drawers that fit around the plumbing like ikea. Hard to find.
        I would love a tutorial on the linen cupboard. I have been looking at your site for hours!!

        1. 🤗 thank you again!!! I’m so happy to hear that! I don’t sent out a newsletter unless I’ve posted something new, so if you like, sign up and then when I post the tutorial you’ll get an alert

I promise to reply if you do!