Not really, but it felt amazing typing that.

We did frame almost all of the second story walls and we did put about half of the roof trusses onto those walls (not nailed into place but kinda leaning on where they may end up). And I say “we” in the most general of terms here, because I’m pretty sure between work and the kids I only nailed one wall together. Add the heat exhaustion and I can’t remember anything else. Somehow I also took pictures.

Luckily, I’m more of a finish carpenter than rough carpenter and so my lack of skills at this point will be made up for later.

As of right now, there is only one small wall left for the exterior and one small wall for a closet/bed alcove in Red’s room.

We have not attempted the stairs yet, so we are still using the scaffolding and ladders to get up onto the second floor.

However, it has been pretty exciting these last couple of days. We can actually see a lot of progress. With all of the rooms framed out we can actually do a complete walk through, so tomorrow I will post the framing house tour.

When I take pics of it now from the street and back hill it just looks like a big mishmash of wood walls. It’s hard to see 3-d with 2-d.
(mishmash front)

(mishmash back)

There have been a few minor hiccups along the way (of course) where would the fun be if everything went as planned? Suffice it to say on paper everything works, in real life it always works out, but not necessarily as it is on paper. Walls were re-assigned, doorways moved (my closet door *ahem* – I’m still burning about this one – was moved a few inches back and a corner of my closet was angled to make the hallway more roomy – screw roomy I need shoe storage!)

The point I’m driving home here is, even if things don’t go as planned, if you want to enjoy the process (which I do, I reeeallly do Mike, I promise!) you have to let go, be flexible, and be thankful that you even have a closet home!

Here are some pics of the “process“. The pics above are how it looks right now though.

The wall with the entrance to the master bath:

A bunch of the small walls all stacked up and ready to be nailed in place:

Some of the walls being framed and already nailed in place:

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  1. You most likely won’t have any money left to buy shoes when you are finished. Problem solved.



    No really I’m kidding.

I promise to reply if you do!